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What better way to choose a dealership than by hearing what customers had to say about their experience? At Auto Select in Toronto, our goal is to make sure that the customer is always satisfied. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about their experience:

  1. This is by far the GTA’S BEST Used Car Dealership.
    The service isn’t even 5 star, it is well worth more. I am more than please with the quality of my vehicle purchased this weekend, but the service from them was professional, informative, welcoming and efficient. Prices are great, car selection is A 1……There is no song and dance just a good family servicing the good people of Toronto. I have now recommended everyone I know to buy from them. All the best gentlemen. Salute.

  2. Thank you Steven, I have my first car now. You have an excellent customer service. I will really recommend Auto Select. Now it is proven and I can attest that all positive feedback were true. Steven who helps me from the start until I drove out with my car. Great attitude and you will feel his willingness to help. Fast service too, I sent online application on Monday then the following day I got approved. Please do not hesitate to inquire with Auto Select. Highly recommended.

  3. Purchased my first car from Auto Select. The guys were excellent at what they do. Helped me to get a great car. Definitely won’t be the the last time. Trust worthy. For sure will recommend my friends. Thanks guys.

  4. We were introduced to Autoselect 7 years ago and here we are now 2016 and happy to say that we are still buying cars from them..these guys are amazing fellows and they help making dreams happen.
    Thank you guys for an amazing 7 years and looking forward to many more..


  5. Auto Select is a place where great selection meets great value. As a repeat customer, they never fail to provide me with the perfect vehicle at the perfect price. I have known the cast at Auto Select for a very long time and they take pride in their family run business and that goes a long way when purchasing a great, clean vehicle. I just bought a car from them and my wife loved it so much. Excellent customer service….Excellent car… These guys are not knobs, they do a good job !!!

  6. As humans we are gifted with many gifts in life but for these Brothers the word gift is an understatement. I bought and had my first ever BMW experience with them and I must admit these guys are not only the best at what they do, They are BLESSED and collectively talented in making your experience with them an addiction in excellent service to and for you.
    I have and will continue to recommend and do business with them

    No regrets .. I’m telling you go see them now!!

  7. I got my first car from them. Then we bought two more cars from them. Their after sell service is excellent. Stephen,Peter, Mark and all other brothers are great. They won my heart . My twelve year old daughter will be their future buyer. Thank you so much Stephen and brothers, You guys are awesome. Love you all.
    Now I am so far from you but every time I drive my great car I remember you all.

  8. My wife and I would like to thank Auto Select. They made us feel welcome and for helping us get our dream car. They took care of us and within no time, all the paper work was done! On the first day of meeting them, they took care of the paper work. And the next day we got our car. We got our first bmw. We got a used 2011 bmw 328i, but I swear they made it look brand new! I will never look anywhere else if we decided to upgrade again. And would definitely recommend them to all my friends. Thank you again to the Auto Select autoselect family!

  9. Excellent experience from this company. Took very good care of my specific needs regarding cost/vehicle. Went above and beyond with service. Excellent condition on the vehicle. Highly recommended!

  10. Went over to see them a little before Christmas, had a BMW 328i coupe to trade in – so was familiar with German cars, pricing, features, etc. So I knew what kind of car I was looking for and price range I had in mind. They at no point tried to up sell me on a vehicle I didn’t need or want.
    Was a little nervous buying from a B lot because of all the reviews you hear online from B Lots.
    Met Stephen and Justin when I walked in, and they were both super friendly, knowledgeable on their vehicles, features and pricing. They were extremely helpful and ensured all my questions were answered.
    They even made sure I was able to take the vehicle to my own personal independent mechanic to have it looked over before I firmed up the deal – they also drove it over because I didn’t have the opportunity to do – which I feel is a sign of a good dealership because they are confident in what they sell.
    I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to all. Will be back for my next purchase there in the future.

  11. I had the wonderful pleasure of being recommended to Steven by a good friend of mine who has dealt very closely with him in the past. From the minute he picked up the phone I felt completely at ease and comfortable. He was eager to answer all my questions and go above and beyond to get me what I needed in a timely manner. Buying a car was a huge decision for me and throughout the whole process I never felt pressured in any way. Regardless of my circumstance, Steven was able to effortlessly reassure me that things would work out…and they did! Thank you Steven for providing me with one of the best customer service experiences I have ever dealt with. If you’re looking for an HONEST and reliable dealership, the brothers at Auto Select are for you. I will definitely be recommending/using them in the future!

  12. The brothers at auto select are amazing. From the time you walk in through the front doors they greet you with a smile. My second vehicle from them one word to describe them Amazing. Great prices, great rates, great atmosphere.

    All the brothers are amazing to deal with. They are very easy to talk to. They take care of you as if you were one of their own.

    Great place.
    Keep up the great work.

  13. Not sure where to start other than we just bought our 5th car from Auto Select and couldn’t be happier.

    The “boys” are genuine, sincere and truly understand customer service. They took strides in every deal we have made to date to ensure we walked away 100% satisfied and as a result have gained our trust and loyalty.

    I would recommend Auto Select to my friends and family and would not hesitate to purchase from them again.

  14. Went in at 1:00 and drove off in a new vehicle at 3:00. They were very professional and took care of absolutely everything. Thanks a lot for the fantastic service!

  15. Steven and company were a complete pleasure to deal with from the initial contact until the taking possession of the vehicle. Everything was communicated clearly and explained without any hassles. They went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. Steven was prompt and had everything arranged faster than I could have thought possible.

    I will be back in a couple of weeks to purchase another vehicle with my son. I would not hesitate to tell anyone to purchase from the team at Auto Select.

  16. These guys are a solid group of people and I would recommend everyone to buy their first (or second or third) from them. My mom bought a Corolla long before and Mercedes C class recently before moving to BC. Steven ensured that she gets the best financing deal and insurance for her. And even checked up after, to ensure she got there safely. Probably the nicest of car dealers I know in Toronto!

  17. These brothers are the perfect example of great customer service! Bought my 2011 bmw 328i a few months ago. Last night on my drive home something felt a bit off (no biggie but since i love this car, I wanted to get it checked out asap). Called Steve at 10 am and within minutes he scheduled me in for a quick check up in between their busy schedule. I got there at 2 pm and back on the road 45 minutes later. Just love all the genuine care and attention these guys give to each and every one of their customers!

  18. Purchased a 2011 BMW 328i xDrive. I had nothing but great experiences with these guys and would rate them more than a 5, if there was one.

    Why? Well:

    A) Excellent customer service: They smile, care, take ownership and try to help you to a vehicle. A vehicle that YOU want and not one they want to sell.
    B) Prompt service: Got me financed in a day, that too with one of the major Canadian banks. I literally picked up my car within and under 48 hrs 😀
    C) Condition of car: Immaculate, clean and exceeded my expectation. Some major dealerships should learn from them how to deliver a car to a buyer!
    D) Professionalism
    E) When you speak to them, you know they are knowledgeable about their cars.

    Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to get a vehicle, be that a finance or fully paid. And I have been shopping for cars since August within and outside GTA and met with plenty dealers and what not so I can most definitely compare. Just give them a try once and then you will know what I mean 🙂

    They are AutoSelect, where they select their vehicles carefully, therefore, you can purchase worry-free.

    Thank you Steve & Justin!!! 🙂

  19. Purchased a car on my bday with Auto Select last yr. Dealt with Steve! I had bought the car that i always wanted. It was easy and simple. It went very well for me and my husband. Couple of days later, the car was ready for us. He had everything done from paperwork to insurance. It was such a pleasure to deal with a company like this. Great experience plays a big part especially for a first time buyer. What i love the most is..he assured us that we will be well taken care of, he’s confident in what he does and he’s very honest. This is a company that shows great integrity! They treat their customers with total respect and cares about them in terms of concerns and what matter most. I also don’t have to worry about the car for maintenance because they have their own registered mechanic shop. Its very rare that you find trustworthy and honest sales men and mechanics. Whenever I take the car here for maintenance, they take their time to thoroughly explain to me everything and they do whats best for my car’s needs. All of them are great! I love this company and I strongly recommend Auto Select for ppl who are interested in high quality cars && exceptional service. Thank u!

  20. I just bought a 2012 BMW 328i from Auto Select and had an excellent experience from start to finish. I primarily dealt with Justin during my purchase, and he was very helpful, professional and fair during the process, as was the entire Auto Select team. My car, as well as every other car I looked at from Auto Select, was in immaculate condition. I am in love with my car and am very pleased I bought it from Auto Select.

  21. I came across auto select on the website “auto catch” by sheer chance of coincident i clicked and here i was on their website. To my amazement they are located 5 minutes drive (lawrence location) and 2 minutes drive(eglinton location) from my home. This made things a lot easier in terms of travelling…. Fast forward. i met with Justin, who by the way is super duper professional, nice and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable. He laid out all my options and provided me with suggestions to best suit my needs.In comes Steven, who is just like how i described Justin (bubbly personality).overall from my perspective, this is a great company, with a great set of gentleman. They are hands on with making sure you end up with a great deal, at a great cost, and that is in your bugget. These gentelmen went a bove and beyond to ensure that all my needs were met and beyond. kudos to the both of you. i walked away with a car that i am in love with and it’s not breaking my pocket. Thanks again! God Bless you both and your family. Novemeber 11th 2015.

  22. I found a car online, went and checked it out. Not only was the car pristine so was every other car on the lot. They really take pride in what they do. The level of customer service I received exceeded my expectations. I went ahead and purchased the car, the whole process was incredibly easy and pleasant. I ended up picking up the car the next day! Incredibly happy and looking forward to my new Eclass.

    Thanks again guys keep up the excellent work!

    Zack M

  23. This place is the business i got approved in less than 5 hours and if i wasn’t at work it would be way less. Steven and Justin you guys are the best.

  24. Just picked up our 328i and LOVING IT! It was a pleasure working with both Steve and Justin, they’re very professional and efficient. Justin even drove to my work place to grab signatures when I couldn’t leave work early. Steve took the time to find out what’s important to us and went through EVERY single little detail to make us feel comfortable on our purchase. They’re always quick to pick up calls and don’t let you go till they’ve answered all your questions. I fell in love with the car, but it was the phenomenal service from these brothers that really sealed the deal!!!

  25. Just purchased our BMW 323i and we are enjoying it. We had a great deal! No issues with the car. Justin and the team are absolutely awesome to deal with.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  26. My name is Trevor and I was fortunate to have been referred to Steve, Justin & Peter at Auto Select from a close friend and business associate. When making a purchase such as this I am extremely cautious, judgemental, and savy dealing with “Salesmen”, as I am a Salesman myself. Integrity goes a long way in my opinion.I was welcomed at the dealership by Steve who has a non-agressive approach, which was my first impression. I only had a half hour so I was in a bit of a rush. Steve’s tactful follow up from our first meeting was appreciated. A week later I test drove a 2011, shook Steve’s hand and told him I would be back after I sold my car. 3 Hours later I returned and finalized my purchase. I never refrain from passing along a “good customer experience” as in today’s day and age we usually only report the “Negative”. Thank you Steve, Justin and Peter for your excellent service.Trev

  27. These guys are amazing. Saw their website and applied for a credit loan not knowing what to expect. Got a call the same day to go over some things and within a couple days I was driving a 2011 BMW! The whole process was very professional and they made me feel very welcome with no crazy sales pitch. I don’t have the best credit and they were able to secure me a loan with a bank at a reasonable interest rate. I would highly recommend Auto Select to anyone!!

  28. I went there with high apprehension about buying car from unknown dealer. I was attended by Steven. I liked his confidence. Mine was a rather complected case for financing point of view. he got the job done, took few days but got the deal. I would only say one thing here that these guys knows what they are doing. highly recommend! Nick

  29. I must say that after seeing all the good reviews.I was curious.I went in yesterday and drove home with my 2012 Elantra.Steve is an excellent sales guy.He explains thoroughly and it detail.I am happy with my selection.My first time getting a car through a dealership and It was a 5 star experience all round.I would recommend this Auto Dealer to anyone who is seeking top class service.One of the best Auto Dealerships in the GTA certified by me.Drop by and see for yourself !!!

  30. My wife and I bought our first car as a married couple from Justin, and this is the only time I can remember ever buying a car and leaving the dealership feeling fully confident in a vehicle purchase. I had always intended to buy used in the past, but had gone with new because no used car dealer came across as totally trustworthy — Auto Select was a different experience altogether. Every vehicle on the lot was in excellent condition and the customer service was five stars all the way from the moment we walked into the doors. They arranged warranty coverage and excellent financing in minutes, and made sure we were familiar with all the features of the car before leaving the lot in our new ride. I’ve already referred several friends and colleagues to Auto Select, and they will be my auto dealer and servicer of choice for years to come. Thank you Justin, Stephen and Michael, and the whole Auto Select team, for such an impeccable shopping experience.

  31. Auto Select is one of the best dealerships I’ve had the opportunity to buy my car from. It would be an understatement to say that Steven and his fantastic team go an extra mile for their customers. In fact, they go the extra mile and some more. The team is extremely friendly, efficient and most importantly transparent and honest in their dealings. They took care of my financing, car work and even hooked me up with a great insurance rate. Furthermore, they patiently worked with me while I got work on my end completed. I can almost guarantee any other dealership wouldn’t have had the patience to deal with my case specifically. I recommend Auto Select to anyone who is interested in purchasing a car in the GTA! This is as good as it gets.

  32. I am pleased to say that I had a very positive experience when I recently purchased my 2011 Mercedes GLK 350 from Auto Select. The vehicle had a clean condition report and was truly in pristine condition. My decision was made quite quickly due to the stellar condition and positive history related to this vehicle. Justin was concerned with ensuring that we were thoroughly pleased with all aspects of this transaction – and we were.

  33. I bought my first car from Auto Select. Steven was very helpful and understood exactly what i was looking for. not only did i find the car that i was looking for, i got it at a very good interest rate. i will surely buy from them again..


  34. I had been looking for a vehicle for well over a year, but couldn’t decide on anything. A family friend suggested that I check out the Auto Select website. I saw the Honda CRV and the Acura RDX. I test drove the RDX and didn’t look back. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with the entire team. Everyone was professional and curtious. I have not experienced customer service like that in some time. Thank you guys! Extremely Happy Customer. We’ll do business again!

  35. I had been looking for a newer used vehicle for the better part of two years and had searched online at many Ontario dealerships. For me purchasing a vehicle out-of-town without being present at the dealership proved to be bit challenging. Everything came down to honesty, personality; service and product knowledge. Justin satisfied this criteria and provided accurate and truthful information. When I arrived at Auto Select I was greeted with open arms. My vehicle was fully detailed and its condition exceeded my expectations. The paperwork involved was a seamless process but having a conversation with Justin and his brother, Steve, showed that this transaction was also about building a trustworthy reputation. In the future, I would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from Auto Select.

  36. My experience dealing with auto select was great. Great customer service, everyone is super professional. Love that its a family business, very reliable and trustworthy. Was able to purchase my dream car through them and couldn’t have asked for a smoother process. Thanks for all the help!

  37. A great buying experience with Justin at Auto Select. No need for the hard sell here, the car spoke for itself. Immaculate both inside and out. Low mileage and a dream to drive. Justin was very knowledgeable on the vehicle and was able to answer all my questions. All documentation was readily available (safety, etest etc) and a copy was provided with my bill of sale. A very helpful Jason picked me up from the subway and drove me to their dealership to pick up my car when it was ready. Again, a great buying experience. Thanks guys.

  38. Now that we are “empty-nesters”, my wife wanted to check off her “bucket list” driving a BMW. Doing my research on the net I stumbled upon Auto Select and I’m certainly glad I did. From my first phone call to Justin, I quickly realized I was dealing with a person who was professional and, above all, well mannered and courteous. As an example, when Justin and I were sitting in the car and my son called me, without asking or prompting, Justin excused himself so I could take the call in private. I really appreciated his gesture. This dealership is owned by Justin and his brothers and it was a pleasure to deal with them. The car showed exactly as seen in the images. The car was detailed inside and out so it looks brand new. But most importantly, Justin had no issues with me taking the car to a mechanic of my choice for a pre-inspection purchase. Needless to say, the mechanic commented I would be foolish not to purchase the car. Justin and his brothers sell top quality cars at reasonable prices. As I mentioned, I did my research and Auto Select offered the best price. One final point, Justin and his brothers definitely smashed the mold of “sleazy-used-car-salesmen”. I’ll leave that auspicious title to the sales rep at the BMW dealership. I would not hesitate to recommend Justin to anyone searching for a high quality used car.

  39. My wife and I traveled from 16 hours away in NB to purchase our BMW with the guys at Auto Select. We traded in our previous vehicle in the process and everyone at the dealership was fantastic to deal with. They helped us arrange everything before we made the trip and all the paper work was waiting for us when we arrived and all the models we were interested in were detailed and ready for us to try out.

    When your driving 32 hours round trip you want the process to be simple and straight forward and Steven and the guys provided that and more. Great price, great selection and great service. Would highly recommend them!

  40. I had an awesome experience with auto select, they’re super helpful and got me the exact car that I wanted. Quick and easy and super friendly, definitely won’t be the last time that I’m going to them. I highly reccomend and we’ll worth the trip to see them.

  41. “I’ve purchased three cars from Auto Select and have never been disappointed. They sell quality vehicles at fair prices and speak frankly and honestly. Definitely worth the trip to see them if you are looking for a used car.”

  42. “Purchase two cars from Auto Select, Steve was great everything was arranged and great interest rate, good value for my trade in. These are the best, I even refer people to them cause I know they will treat them great.”

  43. “I’ve been a client of auto select for 7 years now. I got Mercedes Benz, BMW 5 series, BMW X5 and an Acura MDX. Auto Select is always there to help and assist me with my credit, a new car and lowering my payments. They have always been there to help me and I always refer anyone to them.”

  44. “My car was totaled in an accident back in February so I needed a replacement vehicle pretty quickly. After giving it some thought I knew the car I wanted…a 2009 Infiniti sedan. My on-line search bought up several options but the black one at Auto Select caught my eye with its low mileage and very competitive price. I spoke to Justin and found out he was around the corner from work so I went to see him. He took the time to explain how important it was to buy only Canadian cars to avoid all the service issues associated with used American vehicles. The fully loaded car was exactly as advertised, fresh off lease, spotless and drove like a dream. Even though it was the first car I looked at I was sold. Their experienced customer service made it a real pleasure to work with them…you knew they were not in this business to make a quick buck. The car was certified but I did take it to the dealer for a thorough service check and they confirmed it was in excellent condition. They also said they would have sold the car for at least $5000 more than I paid. I could not be happier with the car and would absolutely recommend Auto Select to
    anyone looking for a great deal on a great car.”

  45. “I originally found Auto Select while searching online for a new vehicle several years ago for myself. After making the initial online inquiry, I was contacted by Steven shortly after to discuss how he could help me obtain my car. Steven and the staff at the dealership made things very simple and easy which made me feel very confident that my interests were taken care of. Auto Select took care of everything from arranging the financing to having all the necessary registrations in place. The first time I saw the car I had purchased, was when I went to pick it up! They even went to pick me up at the bus station (because I live 2hrs away and took the bus to go drive my car home)!
    My wife and I have now purchased 3 additional cars since the first one from Auto Select and have been satisfied each and every time. I highly recommend Auto Select to any potential car purchaser looking for a quality vehicle with great service and support.”

  46. “I had been searching for an Inifinite for some time when I happen to come across Auto Select. I requested additional information regarding an Infinite I was looking at and within a day I got a call from them. And within 3 days I was driving off their lot with my new car. In case you are wondering how this could happen so quickly….well I believe it’s the excellent customer service they provide. They managed to get me a great interest rate with an affordable payment. They even gave me what I asked for with my trade in. These guys are top notch and I would recommend anyone looking for a car, head to Auto Select they have a great selection of fine cars.
    Again thank you Justin and Steven, I love my car”

  47. “My first experience dealing with Justin and his family at Auto Select was the most memorable vehicle purchase experience I have ever had. Having found my wife’s dream car on their web-site, I had pretty much already made the decision to purchase her the car before I arrived to test drive it. Having showed up unannounced, and pressured for time, Justin acted quickly and was able to have the car brought over from their other lot within five minutes. As it was going to be a surprise, I explained that I was not in a position to put any money down, as my wife handles our finances, but that didn’t stop Auto Select… They had me approved for financing within twenty minutes and agreed to meet us in Burlington surprising my wife by delivering her the car as we were coming out of a restaurant. It was like she had won the lottery… Thanks again Justin! I will be seeing you again soon when I’m ready for an upgrade.”

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