Disadvantages Of US Vehicles

Recently, there has been a trend in importing U.S. vehicles into the Canadian market. Being a Canadian business, we at Auto Select believe in supporting the Canadian economy (Buy Canadian). We focus on selling Canadian vehicles because many manufactures will not honor warranties on vehicles imported from the United States leaving customers exposed to unnecessary repair costs.

Additionally, U.S. vehicles imported are more likely to have significant red flag issues undetected by vehicle history reports such as Carproof or Carfax.  These reasons among others have an effect on the value of U.S. vehicles imported into Canada and contribute to a faster overall rate of depreciation.

Below are the key points of potential consequences to consider when purchasing an “American” vehicle:

  • Warranties are not 100% honored at any manufacturer dealership. In fact most manufacturer dealerships will require full service records from the previous owner just to honor the warranty.
  • Full history reports are not accurate. Carproof is a Canadian based company which insurance claims only from within Canada will report. So if the vehicle was previously from the U.S and was in an “accident” or had “flood damage”, there would be a large uncertainty of what really happened.
  • Generally, there is less demand for a vehicle that was originally sold in the U.S. therefore the depreciation will be much greater than a Canadian vehicle.